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We are a Diamond Core Drilling Bits Mfr. that specializes in the production of top quality diamond core drilling instruments for mining exploration drill consumables and diamond core drilling (wireline core and double-tube core drilling). All our goods (impregnated core bits, surface set bits, impregnated reaming shells, surface set reaming shells, PDC core bits, PDC non coring bits, impregnated casing shoe bits, surface set casing footwear, core lifters, core lifter cases, locking couplings, adapter couplings, stabilizers) are created by ourselves. Because the biggest producer of diamond core bits (including the impregnated and surface set), reaming shells (including the impregnated and surface set), PDC bits and exploration drilling tools in Ukraine for 20 years, we are able to offer all of the goods to satisfy our customer’s specifications for exploration drilling. Based on “win-win” relationship and long-term respect, we are in a position to provide a total set of wireline and double-tube drilling gear. We’ve got the advantage of supplying the most aggressive quality and most timely services. We do our greatest to fabricate ordered objects as soon as buy orders are obtained. We guarantee the most satisfactory products, the very best and timely service in wireline core drilling exploration and all drilling projects.

Impregnated Diamond Core Bits

Geo Drilling Bits premium series of impregnated diamond core bits are ideally suited to modern drilling circumstances. The impregnated core bits are wireline series and double-tube sequence. All matrixes of the impregnated core bits are appropriate for rock formations with a choice of soft to very tough matrices. They’re especially great in fractured, abrasive or silicified rock. Matrix hardness is specified by our color program, which is designed to assist you match probably the most effective impregnated diamond core bits for your application. Before ordering, refer to Matrix Selection Manual, Bit Wear and Crown Shapes with the impregnated core bits. In particular, the gear kind impregnated diamond core bits are designed and created by ourselves. They’re appropriate for that following supplies: ironstone, quartzite, taconite, rhyolite, silicious stone, streak quartzite, marble and jasperite, and for non-abrasive or dense soft stones and very tough stones.

Surface-set Core Bits

Natural diamond surface-set core bits, designed for core drilling in soft, medium-hard, hard-formation, the specified method construction, the stone sizing and bit geometry will ensure optimum cutting effectiveness. More than several many years, we have manufactured several types of surface-set bits for exploration drilling in any rock utilizing wireline and double-tube core barrels. The tapered action crown style with the surface set offers good stability, whilst the large h2o hole crown is designed for soft and loose rock.

Casing Shoes

The casing shoe is efficient in applications ranging from very abrasive, lighting fractured formation to loose conglomerates or overburden. 1. hard matrix of the casing shoe bits is durable for use in altering formations with each high and reduced thrust drilling; 2. medium-hard matrix with the casing shoe bits for use in moderately abrasive and fractured formation.


* Crown of the casing shoe bits: flat and “V” type, and other kinds needed by clients;
* Normal diamond set-surface and impregnated diamond casing shoe bits.

Reaming Shells for Core Bits

Using quality natural diamonds set in a very resistant matrix, the natural diamonds sections are accurately cast into the matrix with the reaming shells and turn out to be an integral a part of the shell. It ensures optimum efficiency because the reaming shell will preserve a complete gauge hole in all types of floor. Reaming shells consist of standard reamers, back end reamers and other lengths. Also, we enhance the carbide locking couplings (two rings) which may safeguard and stabilize the core barrel.

Non-coring Diamond Drill Bits

These Consist of PDC, PCD and normal diamond non-coring bits. PCD and normal diamond non-coring bits are usually utilized in all large geological projects (like hydroelectricity) and exploration drilling. They are designed for drilling/grouting rather than core drilling.

PDC Core Bits

These include a purpose designed cast matrix head to which PDC inserts have been fixed in a pattern. PDC bits have proved effective in soft to medium tough consolidated formations. PDC core bits are utilized in coal mining exploration and for opening hole drilling exploration.

Regular dimension with the PDC bits:

Drilling Equipment

Barrel assemblies: carbide locking coupling, adapter coupling, inner tube stabilizer, core lifter, core lifter case, quit ring, landing shoulder, landing ring and so on.

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